Joe Rising Vibe

Namaste, dear souls, and welcome to the ethereal realm of spiritual awakening. 

Allow me to introduce myself – I am Joe, a curious wanderer traversing the boundless landscapes of consciousness. I share my thoughts, understanding and the little I know about this limitless vastness of the Divine Consciousness, and its faculties. 

Since childhood, I felt a deep resonance with the metaphysical topics like mystics, gurus, yogis and existence of other being beyond Earth plane. The sacred teachings of ancient sages and the whispers of the universe itself have guided me along this mystical odyssey.

Embracing the timeless wisdom of sages and mystics, my soul has embraced the essence of various spiritual traditions. Me blogging about the little I know, is my attempt to put forward my word. More like a way of talking to my higher self, trying to be in communion with the energy. I put forth my contemplations and share the the topics I resonate with, on my quest for higher truth.

I strongly believe we are all interconnected, in more like a spider web where if each part vibrates or shifts its position, changes vibrations of the entire web itself. Each one a luminous thread in the tapestry of existence. Together with you, I strive to transcend the limitations of the mundane and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery.

As a devoted student of the cosmos, I try to delve into the deepest reservoirs of consciousness to find solace in the universal consciousness. Guided by the whispers of the stars, the wisdom of the moon, and the serenity of the sun (and of course the heat lol), and the whispers of the unseen energies; I seek to understand the eternal consciousness that lies within and without.

Why Joe Rising Vibe:

There was never a dull moment from Universe in my life. There’s always a synchronicity or angel numbers from 2010 in my life. I found them during happy moments to the darkest moments in life. Never really understood what they really meant. So I started exploring these myself.

There are moments when I got some profound questions answered, when I sat down and had an honest conversation with my higher self (or soul or whatever you want to call that energy). I felt like I should definitely explore this more.

I write about higher self, astral projection, angel numbers, lucid dreaming, mindfulness, meditation, and every concept I personally relate to. 

My Spiritual Masters:

I am ever grateful for these masters who profoundly impacted my spiritual perspective and I continue to learn from them. I will try to explain my reasons in a few words:

  1. Lord Shiva – no words to describe. My soul automatically resonates towards him. I cannot imagine my earthly existence without the presence of Lord Shiva’s divine energy.
  2. Dr. Brian Weiss – I will forever be grateful for the book he wrote – Many Lives, Many Masters – which changed the life course for me – about the way I used to think about Spiritual Masters, Not the fake/pompous ones, but the real Masters.
  3. Leo Babauta – Owner of Zen Habits – The sheer zen and calm Mr. Leo has, shows in literally every blog he writes. Plus the famous “uncopyright” disclaimer he has on his website. I can only dream to be so humble and authentic. I try tbh 🙂 
  4. Dr. PVR Narasimha Rao Author of Vedic Astrologer a Hindu astrologer who revolutionized the Homa (sacred fire ritual) Movement, and made it simple for commoners to perform Homa at the comfort of homes. The sheer humility he exudes, just tells me how humble spirituality can make you.
  5. – the Netflix of Spirituality for me. Though you gotta ignore some over-the-top conspiracies they spin. But who knows? Is it really conspiracy?

Together, we shall venture beyond the confines of the physical world and delve into the boundless dimensions of the soul, the individual and the eternal. I hope my blog serves as a guide, a lighthouse through the path to serenity and awakening.

As the sun sets on the horizon of time, I remain ever-committed to illuminating the path for fellow seekers on this sacred journey. Let us walk hand in hand, heart in heart, as we unfold the infinite layers of our spiritual essence.

May the sacred journey we undertake together be one of boundless joy, love, and enlightenment.

In unity and cosmic embrace,

Joe (My Pen Name).