Five Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Are you feeling caught in the whirlwind of conflict or competition lately? The Five of Wands tarot card is known for representing struggles, arguments, and opposition.

Five of Wands Description

The Five of Wands is a card in the tarot deck, belonging to the suit of wands. It portrays five figures holding wands, seemingly engaged in conflict or competition.

Tarot Card Description

The Five of Wands tarot card shows five people holding wands. They are not working together but instead seem to be in conflict. This picture captures the essence of struggle, competition, and challenges.

Each person appears to fight for their own position without any sense of cooperation or harmony.

Key symbols on the card include the crossed wands which represent clashing personalities and pent-up energy waiting to be released. The scattered arrangement suggests a lack of coordination among competing forces.

Such imagery underscores themes like disagreement, personal struggle, and the energetic pursuit of personal excellence despite obstacles.

Key Symbols and Their Meanings

The Five of Wands tarot card is full of symbols that tell a rich story. Each symbol helps us understand the deeper meaning of the card.

  1. Five individuals struggling – This shows competition and conflict. It’s a sign that there are challenges to face with others.
  2. Wands in motion – Wands represent ideas and goals. Their chaotic movement suggests a lack of agreement and direction among the people involved.
  3. Gold details – Gold often symbolizes wealth and success. Here, it hints at what’s at stake in these conflicts or what might be lost due to them.
  4. Rugged landscape – The rough ground indicates that the path ahead is not easy. Overcoming obstacles will require effort and determination.
  5. Open sky – Unlike other cards, where the sky might show stars or clouds to suggest fate or emotion, the clear sky here suggests openness. There are opportunities for solutions if one can rise above the chaos.
  6. Varied clothing colors – The different colors worn by the figures represent diverse viewpoints and personalities clashing together, indicating a rich tapestry of ideas but also potential for disagreement.

Five of Wands Upright Meaning

The Five of Wands upright represents healthy competition and a lively exchange of ideas. It signifies challenges that encourage growth and the development of new skills.

General Interpretation

The Five of Wands tarot card often points to a time filled with conflict, challenges, and competition. This period may bring tension and disagreements into your life. It’s a sign that you may face obstacles that seem to pit you against others, leading to feelings of frustration or being tested.

Despite the difficulties these conflicts present, they can also serve as opportunities for growth and learning. Facing these battles can help sharpen your problem-solving skills and strengthen your resilience.

In many cases, this card suggests that the struggle isn’t just external but internal as well, indicating a spiritual or mental battle within yourself. You might feel torn between different desires or paths, causing unrest in your spirit.

This inner turmoil could be blocking your ability to clearly see what you truly want or which direction to take next. Embracing this phase of challenge is crucial for personal development; it pushes you to confront fears of confrontation and encourages self-reflection on how you deal with adversity and change.

Love & Relationships

In love Tarot readings, the Five of Wands signifies conflicts and disagreements within a relationship. It suggests clashes, arguments, and personal struggles between partners or potential suitors.

Additionally, for singles, this card may indicate competition for the attention and affection of someone with multiple suitors vying for their interest. The upright position of the card bears negative connotations in love readings and can signal challenges in romantic relationships.

Potential disagreements on various issues with a partner are indicated when the Five of Wands appears in a love spread. This may not necessarily lead to a breakup but serves as a warning sign for potential difficulties ahead.

Money & Career

Financial instability may be indicated by the Five of Wands in relation to career and finances. The card suggests that hard work does not always guarantee financial success, highlighting the presence of challenges and rivalries in one’s career.

It urges individuals to confront and resolve conflicts or competitions in their professional life, compelling them to prepare for potential competition.

In the context of money and career, the card symbolizes tension, arguments, and possible financial stress. Conflict avoidance or suppressed temper may lead to additional problems if not addressed promptly.


The Five of Wands upright can signify battling and overcoming illness in a health Tarot reading, indicating the ultimate victory over the sickness. This card symbolizes stability of health, a return to good health, and successful surgery or birth when it appears upright.

It suggests that the individual is successfully defeating the illness and emerging triumphant.

When this card appears reversed, it may indicate long-term struggles with disease without success. The focus shifts to conflict and disruption in health matters, suggesting disagreement and conflict related to health issues in a Tarot reading.


The Five of Wands embodies a spiritual battle within oneself, signifying the need to conquer inner obstacles and challenges. It serves as a call for personal growth and development through struggle, emphasizing the pursuit of spiritual clarity amidst tension.

In its reversed position, it advocates finding spiritual harmony and cooperation with others, encouraging a yearning for transformation and enlightenment.

Restless spirit associated with this card points towards seeking spiritual clarity in times of conflict while fostering awareness of one’s desires for spiritual evolution. This card symbolizes the journey towards overcoming hurdles on a deeper level, embracing opportunities for growth even amid adversity.

Five of Wands Reversed Meaning

Conflicts in the workplace may come to a close when the Five of Wands appears reversed. It signals a shift towards a more cooperative and harmonious work environment, promoting teamwork over competition.

In general, this card represents the resolution of disputes and misunderstandings, signifying an end to struggles and the ability to navigate challenges peacefully. In relationships, unexpressed tensions and unresolved conflicts may be indicated, urging open communication and reconciliation to address underlying issues.

The reversed Five of Wands emphasizes avoiding unnecessary arguments and strife while fostering understanding among individuals.

The Role of the Five of Wands in Conflict and Competition

The Five of Wands plays a pivotal role in conflict and competition. When this card appears, it signifies challenges, rivalry, disagreement, and tension. It represents the presence of competitive forces that may lead to disputes or obstacles.

In relationships, it serves as a reminder that conflicts are normal and should be addressed rather than avoided. Similarly, in career matters, the appearance of this card indicates the existence of competition and the need to navigate through challenges in the workplace.

The Five of Wands symbolizes frustrations and pent-up aggression which can result from competing with others or dealing with challenging situations. Its appearance suggests an invitation to confront these difficulties head-on instead of shying away from them.

This tarot card highlights that conflict is a natural part of life experiences but also emphasizes the importance of addressing and resolving disagreements when they arise.

The Five of Wands and Personal Development

Personal development involves facing internal conflicts and fostering resilience. The Five of Wands signifies the courage and determination akin to a warrior, essential for growth.

This card encourages confronting fears, embracing challenges, and honing inner strength.

The Five of Wands prompts self-reflection, emphasizing the value of overcoming obstacles to achieve personal growth. It embodies the spirit necessary for navigating adversities and transforming them into opportunities for development.

By confronting internal conflicts with fearlessness and adaptability, one can foster a mindset conducive to personal advancement.

Important Five of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Explore the powerful synergy between the Five of Wands and the Emperor, as it signifies a clash of leadership for control. Discover how the Five of Wands intertwines with the Wheel of Fortune, creating a turbulent journey through opposing forces and unpredictable outcomes.

Five of Wands and the Emperor

The Five of Wands symbolizes competition and conflict, while the Emperor represents leadership and control. When combined, these cards can indicate a significant event influenced by stability and aggression.

This combination provides insight into life decisions affected by stability and aggression, offering a glimpse into their influence on future events.

The Emperor’s authoritative nature merges with the struggle depicted in the Five of Wands to suggest a powerful impact on decision-making processes. In both personal and professional aspects, this combination urges consideration of one’s own authority and control amidst challenging situations, emphasizing the need for balance between assertiveness and diplomacy.

Five of Wands and the Three of Cups

The combination of the Five of Wands and the Three of Cups suggests a balance between conflict and celebration. It indicates that a major event influenced by arcane forces may occur, leading to friendly competition.

The cards represent challenges within a social or competitive setting, emphasizing that healthy competition should be balanced and not taken to excess. Additionally, the combination serves as a reminder about maintaining a harmonious balance in such situations.

These cards provide insight into love and relationships as well as offer guidance on potential outcomes in the near future. While friendly competition is encouraged, it’s essential to ensure it remains healthy and enjoyable without overshadowing other important aspects of life.

Five of Wands and the High Priestess

The Five of Wands embodies conflict and hurdles, while The High Priestess symbolizes spiritual wisdom and intuition. When these cards appear together, it suggests a need for balance between competition and spirituality in one’s life.

Their combination may indicate hidden conflicts or power struggles demanding attention. The High Priestess delves into long-term or philosophical issues, hinting at the necessity of addressing internal conflict for growth and resolution when combined with the Five of Wands.

The presence of The High Priestess alongside the Five of Wands can signify a deep spiritual journey and a potential divine connection within relationships. This pairing highlights the significance of acknowledging power struggles while fostering spiritual growth and understanding.

Five of Wands and the Wheel of Fortune

The combination of the Wheel of Fortune and Five of Wands signifies unexpected changes and obstacles in one’s journey. This implies a time where challenges arise unexpectedly, urging individuals to adapt swiftly to unforeseen circumstances.

When paired together, these cards signify the influence of competition and karma in one’s life at that moment, highlighting the need for resilience amid uncertain times.

This combination encourages embracing uniqueness and finding ways to stand out from the crowd. It emphasizes the cyclical nature of life and how unpredictable events can shape personal growth.

Five of Wands and the Hanged Man

The Five of Wands combined with The Hanged Man signifies a blend of aggression and perspective impacting the current situation. Here, the presence of the Five of Wands indicates potential threats or violence, while The Hanged Man suggests an imposed sense of isolation not self-initiated.

This pairing hints at unexplored options that could effectively resolve the ongoing conflict, revealing overlooked perspectives that may pave the way for peace.

In this combination, influences of aggression and perspective come into play through The Hanged Man and Five of Wands. The former brings isolation not self-imposed while the latter suggests potential threats or violence in a situation.

Five of Wands and Ace of Pentacles

The combination of Five of Wands and Ace of Pentacles reflects a struggle for material abundance and challenges on the road to success. This pairing signifies a mix of prosperity and diversity, highlighting the potential for both wealth and obstacles.

The reversed Five of Wands combined with Ace of Pentacles in a career or financial reading may indicate conflict and striving for dominance, bringing forth complex dynamics around these areas.

The association with Leo makes the Five of Wands card impactful in zodiac-related interpretations, while the Ace of Pentacles doesn’t have a direct link to any primary element. This combination underscores themes relating to fear of confrontation, happiness, mental health concerns, suits concerning minor arcana, avoiding conflicts as well as horoscope readings.

Five of Wands and Seven of Cups

The combination of Five of Wands and Seven of Cups presents conflicting situations with various choices. It signifies tension, disagreements, competition, and confusion alongside a wide array of opportunities.

Both cards caution against making hasty decisions and engaging in unnecessary power struggles or arguments.

This pairing can provide valuable insights into the querent’s experiences while highlighting potential outcomes. The Seven of Cups represents multiple possibilities and options, while the Five of Wands symbolizes conflict and competition – an essential balance between opportunity and challenge.

Is Five of Wands a Yes or No Card?

The Five of Wands tends to lean more towards a “no” for love-related questions in yes or no readings. However, generally, the card is considered neutral and depends on the specific question asked.

Therefore, it’s essential to interpret its meaning based on the context of the inquiry at hand.

When seeking a yes or no answer, this card typically doesn’t provide a clear affirmative or negative response. It’s known for being situation-dependent and may require additional cards or contextual information to offer a decisive interpretation due to its neutrality in most cases.


The Five of Wands symbolizes conflict and opposition. It offers insight into challenges and obstacles in various aspects of life. This card highlights the potential for both positive and negative energy use.

The symbolism of five men holding wands signifies tension and disagreement. Understanding its meanings can provide valuable guidance in navigating difficult situations with resilience and determination.

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