Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Are you seeking success and feeling stuck? The Chariot tarot card, number seven in the Major Arcana, symbolizes pushing through barriers towards victory. This article dives into how this powerful card can guide your journey to triumph, whether in love, career or personal growth.

Let’s explore what The Chariot holds for you!

The Chariot Tarot Card Description

The Chariot tarot card shows a strong figure driving a chariot pulled by two sphinxes, one black and one white. This image captures the essence of control and direction. The charioteer wears armor, symbolizing protection on their journey.

Above them hovers a canopy of stars, representing celestial influence and spiritual guidance. The city behind hints at accomplishments already achieved, yet the open road ahead suggests more adventures to come.

Symbols of moons decorate the shoulders of the charioteer, linking them to the cancer zodiac sign which underscores this card’s connection with water – emotions, intuition, and the subconscious.

Holding tightly to the reins means mastering self-discipline is crucial for moving forward. Enclosed within this imagery are layers of meaning about balance: mixing softness with strength, maintaining focus amid distractions, and uniting opposites to drive towards success.

Chariot Tarot Card Key Meanings

The Chariot Tarot card embodies success, determination, and action. It signifies the triumph achieved through willpower and self-discipline.


Pulling the Chariot tarot card during a reading often signals a wave of success and victory coming your way. This powerful symbol represents triumph over adversity through determination and hard work.

It tells us that, with unwavering resolve and self-confidence, overcoming obstacles is not just possible; it’s expected. Drawing this card can be seen as a sign to keep pushing forward, even when the road ahead seems daunting.

Victory in sports or competitions often comes under its influence, making it a beacon of hope for those seeking to win at their endeavors. The Chariot encourages individuals to stay focused on their goals, harnessing their inner strength and courage to move past any hurdles.

It serves as a reminder that you control your destiny and possess all the tools needed for spiritual transformation and achieving your desires.


Determination shines brightly in the essence of the Chariot tarot card. This powerful symbol marks a journey fueled by resolve and inner strength. The presence of this card in a tarot reading serves as a strong reminder to stay focused on your path, harnessing the energy needed to push through challenges.

It underscores the importance of standing firm in your convictions and using personal power to steer toward success.

The Chariot motivates individuals to channel their determination into action, encouraging them to take control over their direction in life. With this forceful drive, one can navigate obstacles with confidence and keep moving forward towards achieving their goals.

This card’s message is clear: tap into your determination, command the reins of your journey, and charge ahead with unwavering faith in your capabilities.


The Chariot tarot card embodies action, driving individuals to pursue their goals with determination and willpower. It encourages decisive steps forward, emphasizing the importance of taking control and displaying perseverance in all endeavors.

This card promotes a proactive approach, urging one to harness their inner strength and channel it into focused action, ultimately leading to success and achievement. The Chariot signifies the need for deliberate movement, aligning thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to propel oneself towards desired outcomes while maintaining unwavering determination.

In the upright position, the Chariot represents an active force pushing individuals to take charge of their lives, directing them towards triumph through assertive actions. It serves as a reminder that by embodying traits such as ambition and drivein our pursuits we can steer our destinies towards favorable results.

Upright Chariot Meaning

The upright Chariot card signifies triumph and determination in various aspects of life. Embrace its powerful message to steer through challenges with confidence and accomplishment.

Delve deeper into the meanings and applications of this influential tarot card!

General Interpretation

In a general interpretation, the Chariot tarot card embodies success, determination, and taking action. It signifies control over one’s direction and reflects an individual’s willpower to persevere through challenges.

The card is associated with ambition, strength, and the ability to make decisions aligned with personal values. It represents moving forward with confidence, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals.

The upright Chariot tarot card also symbolizes tenacity in love life and career pursuits. It indicates the ability to overcome past pain and embrace new beginnings with perseverance.

Love and Relationships

The Chariot tarot card signifies triumph and success in love and relationships. It represents the determination to take control of one’s romantic life, urging individuals to act upon their intentions for love.

In relationships, it symbolizes victory after perseverance and effort, offering hope for a positive outcome. For singles, it encourages overcoming past relationship pain and finding success in love by prioritizing self-care and determination.

The Chariot card inspires individuals to drive forward with confidence towards fulfilling romantic connections.

In addition, when reversed, the Chariot can represent an intense desire for love potentially overshadowing other ambitions. It serves as a reminder to balance romantic pursuits with personal growth and aspirations outside of relationships.

Money and Career

In the realm of money and career, the Chariot tarot card signifies success and determination. It indicates that you are on a path to success and should keep pushing forward despite any obstacles.

This card represents direction, control, perseverance, ambition, and motivation in your career and finances. It serves as a green light to move ahead with your goals, showing a clear understanding of your career path and strong determination to achieve it.

This tarot card suggests that you’re feeling ambitious and motivated in your work context, potentially overcoming any issues you may have been facing. Overall, the Chariot tarot card symbolizes victory in career pursuits; providing you with the drive and determination to pursue your aspirations.


In health readings, the upright Chariot card holds powerful symbolism for physical and mental well-being. It signifies renewed energy, determination, and control in addressing health issues.

This tarot card represents taking charge of one’s destiny and embracing a proactive approach to making positive changes for overall well-being. Whether it’s overcoming obstacles or ushering in renewed vitality, the Chariot card empowers individuals to drive towards success in their health journey.

The upright position of the Chariot indicates strong and lively good health, instilling a sense of confidence to tackle any challenges that may arise. This tarot card serves as a reminder that individuals have the strength and willpower to address health matters head-on while being open to positive changes for their mental and physical wellness.


The Chariot tarot card holds significance in spirituality through its representation of inner strength and connection to divine energy. The six stars encircling the charioteer’s head symbolize his spiritual guidance, reminding individuals that they possess the power to steer their lives with divine assistance.

This card encourages seekers to tap into their higher selves and trust in their inner wisdom as they navigate life’s journey, reinforcing the belief that they are on a path guided by spiritual forces.

Incorporating specialized vocabulary, this section underscores how the Chariot tarot card aligns with concepts of personal empowerment and spiritual guidance. It serves as a reminder for individuals to embrace their own agency while recognizing the presence of unseen energies supporting them along their spiritual evolution.

Reversed Chariot Meaning

1. The reversed Chariot tarot card signifies potential failure, lack of control, and challenges to overcome. It hints at the struggle to attain victory and may reveal insecurity masked by an appearance of unwavering confidence in a love interest or individual’s life.

This reversal suggests a need for reevaluating values, decision-making processes, and regaining strength and determination amidst obstacles.

2. Indicating a loss of direction and purpose, the reversed Chariot reflects a lack of willpower, determination, and strength that are present when upright. This card symbolizes the necessity to regain control while reassessing one’s decisions with an emphasis on overcoming obstacles with renewed vigor and resilience towards victory across different areas including love, career, health, money or spirituality.


The Chariot tarot card represents determination and success. It encourages taking action to overcome obstacles in various aspects of life, including love, career, health, and spirituality.

This powerful card symbolizes triumph through maintaining control and facing difficulties head-on. By harnessing inner strength and determination, individuals can achieve victory by boldly pursuing their goals.

The Chariot serves as a versatile and widely recognized symbol in tarot practice, urging individuals to take the reins and steer their own destiny with confidence.

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