Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Feeling stuck in sadness or loss is a challenge many of us face. The Five of Cups tarot card dives deep into these emotions, highlighting the impact of regret and grief.

Let’s explore together how to find hope amid despair.

Five of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Five of Cups Tarot card paints a picture of mourning and regret. It captures a figure cloaked in black, gazing down at three spilled cups with an air of sadness and despair. This imagery is powerful, signaling major feelings of loss and loneliness.

Behind this figure stand two upright cups, hinting at remaining hope, yet the character seems fixated on what’s gone rather than noticing these opportunities for healing. The scene is set against a cloudy sky with a river flowing quietly behind, symbolizing constant change and the flow of emotions.

Visuals evoke deep emotional responses related to grief, failure, disappointment, and worry as suggested by the card’s symbolism. The representation aims to trigger self-reflection on past traumas or losses while encouraging thoughts about moving beyond negative emotions such as anger, shame, resentment towards acceptance and self-forgiveness.

Though it dwells heavily on themes like bereavement and job loss that bring one down emotionally; it also subtly points towards personal recovery through the unnoticed cups still standing—a glimmer of potential amidst despair.

Key Symbols and Meanings of Five of Cups

The Five of Cups features a figure mourning over spilled cups, symbolizing loss and regret. The bridge in the background signifies moving on from disappointment.

General Meaning and Interpretation

The Five of Cups tarot card dives deep into feelings of sorrow and loss, shining a light on the discomfort we feel when life throws us curveballs. It brings attention to emotions like misery, grief, and loneliness that bubble up after significant setbacks.

This card doesn’t just stop at highlighting these tough emotions; it also suggests a path towards emotional healing and self-care. Recognizing negative feelings is the first step in moving beyond them.

This card often appears during tarot readings to hint at disappointment or failure related to jobs or relationships that didn’t work out as hoped. Yet, it holds a message of hope for anyone feeling bereaved or stuck in regret.

The image of spilled cups reminds us to focus not only on what’s been lost but also on the opportunities still standing — waiting for recognition and appreciation. In its essence, the Five of Cups teaches valuable lessons about overcoming despair by nurturing resilience and finding strength in adversity.

Love & Relationships

In love and relationships, the Five of Cups tarot card sends a clear message about dealing with heartbreak and loss. It often appears during times of sorrow, signaling break-ups or divorces.

This card points out the importance of acknowledging grief but also highlights the possibility to salvage what remains from a relationship’s wreckage. Feelings like sadness, regret, and disappointment dominate this phase, urging individuals to face their emotions head-on.

Moving past a traumatic event in love requires more than just time; it calls for introspection and healing. The Five of Cups suggests that while parting ways might bring immediate pain, there is hope for mending one’s emotional state.

Regret and remorse play significant roles here, pushing someone to reflect on what went wrong and how future relationships can be better nurtured. Despite its gloomy outlook on romance, this card teaches valuable lessons about loss’s role in personal growth and the journey towards finding closure.

Money & Career

The Five of Cups carries a message of financial caution. It signifies potential financial loss, urging individuals to be mindful of their spending and investments. In career readings, this card may indicate job loss or feelings of discouragement and inability to cope under career-related stress.

The card is associated with regret, disappointment, and despair in the context of work, advising individuals to acknowledge past setbacks but also emphasizing the need for healing and moving forward from these challenges.

In the suit of Pentacles and the Five of Cups combination, it suggests that financial pressures might lead to self-pity. The focus is on letting go of past disappointments and losses to pave the way for personal growth in career aspects.


The Five of Cups tarot card holds significance in health readings, signifying the impact of emotional well-being on physical health. When this card appears, it may indicate the need to address emotional distress for overall health improvement.

It emphasizes the importance of seeking support and healing from past traumas or losses to achieve a balanced state of mental and physical wellness.

Addressing emotional challenges associated with the Five of Cups is crucial for maintaining a healthy mindset and reducing potential effects on the body. This card serves as a reminder to prioritize self-care and seek professional help if necessary, emphasizing the profound connection between mental and physical well-being.


The Five of Cups tarot card holds deep spiritual significance, representing the journey towards emotional healing and self-care. Its symbolism teaches the importance of finding peace and acceptance in times of sorrow and trauma.

The concept of being focused on spilled cups, unable to see the two upright cups behind, serves as a powerful metaphor for different stages of grieving such as shock, disbelief, sorrow, anger, withdrawal, and shutting down.

This card encourages individuals to embark on a profound spiritual journey towards healing by acknowledging their pain while also seeking solace in the potential for renewal and growth.

Insights into human emotions intersect with its spiritual meaning. The card underscores that amidst grief and loss lie opportunities for personal development through reflection and self-assessment.

The Upright Five of Cups Meaning

The Upright Five of Cups suggests the need to process and heal from past emotional wounds. In love, it advises focusing on what can be salvaged rather than dwelling on loss.

Love Meaning

The upright Five of Cups in love signifies feelings of grief and loss. It indicates focusing on the negative aspects rather than appreciating what’s salvageable in a relationship. This card suggests that overcoming past disappointments is possible through new love or engaging in artistic endeavors.

In relationships, this tarot card warns against dwelling on what’s lost and encourages finding joy in present opportunities. It advises looking forward to new beginnings and avoiding being consumed by regret.

Career Meaning

The upright Five of Cups suggests a focus on negativity in the career realm, hinting at potential job loss or setbacks. This tarot card may symbolize grief and loss related to employment or business failure.

It could also indicate the need to bounce back after experiencing setbacks in one’s professional life, reflecting the challenges of regaining stability after a demotion or redundancy.

The appearance of the reversed Five of Cups signifies releasing past disappointments and setback as it relates to your current job role.

Finances Meaning

The Upright Five of Cups signifies significant financial loss and resource scarcity, cautioning against frivolous spending and emphasizing the need for careful financial decisions.

In career readings, it may indicate setbacks or monetary difficulties such as job loss or missed opportunities. When associated with money questions, it suggests bouncing back from a financial setback and the importance of resilience in overcoming challenges.

In finances, this tarot card serves as a warning to exercise prudence in expenditures while also encouraging perseverance during difficult financial periods. It advises individuals to reassess their approach towards money matters and remain resilient in the face of adversity.

The Reversed Five of Cups Meaning

Acceptance, forgiveness, and healing are encompassed in the reversed Five of Cups. This card indicates a profound recovery from regret and a genuine acknowledgment of the past. It signifies that the individual has come to terms with their grief and sorrow, highlighting an important step towards emotional resilience.

Whether it’s about personal setbacks or disappointments, this card suggests that such experiences have led to inner growth and understanding.

Furthermore, drawing the reversed Five of Cups may symbolize letting go of past baggage in a new relationship or experiencing improvement after a period of financial struggle. It reflects an internal shift towards embracing hope, renewal, and learning from hardships as part of personal development.

The card emphasizes moving forward with newfound wisdom while leaving behind lingering feelings of misery or loss.


The Five of Cups tarot card signifies emotions like regret, disappointment, and sorrow. It denotes a time to acknowledge and embrace sadness. Despite setbacks, it also indicates new possibilities awaiting readiness.

This Minor Arcana card is used for divination in Europe and is associated with themes of loss and healing in tarot readings.

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