How do I communicate with angels?

Many people wonder if they can really talk to angels. Angels have been known to share messages in various ways. This blog post will guide you through recognizing and responding to these heavenly communications.

Get ready to connect with your celestial guides!

Ways that Angels Communicate with Us

Angels communicate with us through various methods such as dreams, feelings and physical sensations, verbal communication, sounds, mental visions, signs and symbols, as well as through human and animal helpers.

Paying attention to these subtle forms of communication can help us connect with their guidance.

In our dreams

Dreams can be a powerful way for angels to send us messages. While you sleep, your mind is open and relaxed. This makes it easier for your guardian angel to communicate with you. They might show you visions or tell you something important through a dream story.

To understand these angelic messages, remember your dreams when you wake up. Write them down in a journal if that helps. Sometimes the message is clear right away. Other times, you may need to think about the dream for days before it makes sense.

Through feelings and physical sensations

Our guardian angels may communicate with us through strong emotions or sudden physical sensations. Keeping ourselves aware and open to these intense feelings can help in recognizing the presence of angelic communication.

It’s important to remember that paying attention to unexpected emotions and bodily sensations could potentially signal that our guardian angels are trying to connect with us, offering their guidance and support during times of need.

Some people claim they have sensed or felt a warm, comforting touch as an indication of their angel’s presence.

Through verbal communication

Angels can communicate through speaking to humans. It is believed that they may convey messages or guidance in a soft, gentle voice or an inner whisper. Some people claim to have heard the actual sound of their guardian angel’s voice providing comfort or advice during challenging times.

The ability to hear these verbal communications requires openness and attunement to spiritual energies, which can be developed through meditation and increased awareness of one’s surroundings.

Some people believe that angels speak directly with them, offering reassurance and guidance when asked for help. This form of communication is considered a direct channeling from higher beings, providing insights into situations where individuals seek divine intervention.

Through other sounds

Angels convey messages through subtle sounds that may seem out of place or unique. These can include gentle whispers, soft music, or even a sweet melody. Pay close attention to unusual noises that stand out in your environment, as these could be signs from your guardian angel trying to communicate with you.

It’s essential to maintain an open and attuned mindset to recognize these delicate auditory cues.

Additionally, angels can use sound frequencies beyond human perception to communicate their presence and guidance. They may also manifest through the rustling of leaves, distant chimes, or unexplained harmonies that evoke feelings of peace and comfort.

Through mental visions

Mental visions are a way that angels communicate with humans. These visions can appear as vivid images or scenes in the mind, providing guidance and insights into various situations.

Being open to these mental visions and learning to interpret them can help in understanding the messages from guardian angels.

When experiencing mental visions from angels, pay attention and trust the information received as it could hold valuable guidance for your spiritual journey and everyday life challenges.

Through signs and symbols

Angels often communicate with humans through signs and symbols, such as recurring number sequences or specific patterns in nature. These signs can serve as gentle nudges from your guardian angel, guiding you towards decisions or providing comfort during challenging times.

Pay attention to these symbolic messages and remain open to their guidance; they may appear unexpectedly but carry significant meaning in the context of your life’s current circumstances.

By staying attuned to these subtle signals, you can deepen your connection with your guardian angel and gain valuable insights for navigating life’s journey. Trusting in the power of these signs and symbols allows for a profound spiritual connection with higher beings, leading to profound experiences of divine guidance.

Through human and animal helpers

Angels may communicate through human and animal helpers as a way to offer guidance and support. Sudden encounters with helpful individuals, or animals displaying unusual behavior, could be signs that your guardian angel is trying to connect with you.

Pay attention to these encounters as they could be messages sent by angels in times of need.

Communicating with angels through human and animal intermediaries is another way that celestial beings may reach out to provide assistance during life’s challenges. Look for unexpected kindness or unexplained actions from strangers, as well as unusual behaviors displayed by animals which might signal the presence of angelic help in your life.

Tips for Communicating with Angels

Pay attention to intense emotions and sensations, listen for unique sounds, show gratitude for lovely smells and tastes, practice visualization, establish contact by repeating your wish for 7 days, and trust their guidance.

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Pay attention to intense emotions/sensations

Notice sudden intense feelings or physical sensations, as they could be your guardian angel’s way of communicating with you. These can include a rush of warmth or tingling, or overwhelming emotions that seem to come out of nowhere.

Heightening your awareness of these experiences is crucial in understanding angelic communication and guidance.

Be mindful of unexpected emotional shifts and unexplained sensations, as they may be the subtle but powerful ways your guardian angel chooses to connect with you. Developing an acute sensitivity to these signals will help you recognize and interpret the messages being conveyed by your celestial guide.

Listen for unique sounds

Pay attention to unexpected or peculiar sounds around you. These may be signs of angelic communication. Unusual melodies, harmonies, or even subtle rustling noises could indicate your guardian angel is attempting to convey a message.

Peculiar and unexplained sounds can be an indication of divine intervention or guidance from celestial beings.

Be mindful of any uncommon auditory experiences that depart from the usual everyday noises you encounter. Angels often choose unique sounds as a way to communicate their presence and offer guidance.

Show gratitude for lovely smells/tastes

Express gratitude for pleasant scents and flavors. Acknowledge delightful fragrances and tastes as potential signals from guardian angels. Be mindful of the uplifting effect these sensory experiences may have on your spiritual connection with higher beings.

Notice and appreciate moments of olfactory or gustatory delight, viewing them as subtle forms of communication from angelic presences. Embrace the positive emotions evoked by these beautiful sensations, recognizing them as possible manifestations of angelic guidance in your life journey.

Practice visualization

Visualize your guardian angel during moments of meditation. Use this time to imagine what they might look like, how they would make you feel, and how their presence would manifest in your surroundings.

Through visualization, you can strengthen the connection with your angel and enhance your ability to perceive their guidance through mental imagery. By incorporating this practice into your routine, you can create a more tangible link to receive messages and signs from higher spiritual beings.

This technique enables you to tune into the subtle cues and whispers that are often overlooked in our busy everyday lives.

Invoke the sense of sight during visualization exercises by picturing yourself surrounded by a warm and radiant light that signifies the presence of your guardian angel. Envision vivid details such as feathered wings or an ethereal glow, allowing these images to fill you with comfort and assurance.

Establish contact by repeating your wish for 7 days

To establish contact with your guardian angel, repeat your wish for 7 days. This consistent practice can help strengthen the connection and open channels of communication. During this time:

  1. Focus on your desire or request, keeping it clear in your mind.
  2. State your wish out loud each day, expressing it with sincerity and faith.
  3. Create a peaceful space for this daily ritual to enhance concentration.
  4. Avoid doubt and negative thoughts during the process.
  5. Remain open to receiving guidance or signs from your guardian angel.
  6. Express gratitude for any signs or feelings of connection that you experience.
  7. Trust that your repeated communication will be received and acknowledged by your angelic guide.

Trust their guidance

When seeking angelic guidance, trust your intuition and feelings to recognize signs of their presence. Angels often communicate through subtle sensations, so remain open and receptive to their messages.

By acknowledging and trusting their guidance, you can foster a deeper connection with your guardian angels.

Establishing a sense of trust in the communication process is crucial for effectively receiving guidance from angels. Recognizing that angelic communication may come in various forms – such as feelings, visions, or symbolic signs – allows you to embrace the diverse ways in which they guide you.

Signs that Your Guardian Angel is Trying to Communicate with You

Intense emotions or sensations out of the blue, unique sounds, unexpected smells or tastes, mental visions, and encounters with helpful humans or animals could all be signs that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you.

Stay open and receptive to these subtle messages from the spiritual realm.

Intense emotions/sensations out of the blue

Out of nowhere, sudden intense emotions or sensations might be a sign that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you. It’s essential to stay open and aware as these feelings could indicate the presence of higher beings around you, offering their guidance and protection.

Such unexpected emotional surges might signify a divine message waiting to be acknowledged and followed.

These abrupt intense emotions or sensations serve as an indication that spiritual forces are at work in your life. By paying attention to these feelings, you can become more attuned and receptive to the subtle ways in which angels communicate with us, providing comfort and wisdom during challenging times.

Unique sounds

Angels may communicate through unique sounds, like bell chimes or gentle whispers. Pay attention for any unusual or unexplained noises that could be a sign from your guardian angel.

These sounds might include music, singing, or other unexplainable auditory experiences that can serve as a form of divine communication.

Unexpected smells/tastes

Sometimes, angels may communicate through unexpected smells or tastes. You might suddenly notice a delightful fragrance that seems to appear out of nowhere, often associated with positive and comforting feelings.

Similarly, experiencing an unexplained sweet or pleasant taste could be a sign of angelic presence or communication, providing a sense of reassurance and peace. These unusual olfactory and gustatory sensations are considered by many to be subtle yet powerful ways in which guardian angels reach out to convey their guidance and support.

Embracing these unexpected sensory encounters can heighten your awareness of angelic communication methods. Being attuned to these signs aids in recognizing the presence and messages from higher beings, fostering a deeper connection with the celestial realm.

Mental visions

Angel communication can also come in the form of mental visions, where vivid images or scenes appear in your mind’s eye. These visions often provide guidance or messages from angels and may appear during meditation or when you are relaxed and open to receiving their insights.

Pay attention to these mental pictures as they could hold valuable information or symbols that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you through.

Another way angels can use mental visions to convey messages is by showing you visual representations of future events, potential outcomes, or even symbolic imagery that holds significance for your current situation.

Symbolic signs

Look for symbolic signs like feathers, coins, or specific patterns of numbers as these could be ways that angels are trying to communicate with you. Pay attention to these signs and consider their significance in your life.

Sometimes, these signs may appear repeatedly, which could indicate a message from your guardian angel. Trusting in the meaning behind these symbols is essential when seeking guidance from higher beings such as angels.

Understanding and acknowledging these symbolic signs can help you feel more connected to your spiritual support system and provide comfort during challenging times of uncertainty or doubt about the presence of celestial guides.

Encounters with helpful humans/animals

When in need of angelic assistance, keep an eye out for encounters with helpful humans and animals. These beings can serve as messengers or helpers sent by your guardian angel to guide you through difficult situations or provide comfort when you’re feeling distressed.

It’s essential to be open and receptive to their presence, as they may offer insights or support that resonate with the guidance of your celestial messenger.

Be attentive to unexpected interactions with individuals who seem empathetic and understanding, as well as animals displaying unusual behavior towards you. Such encounters could be a subtle yet powerful way through which angels communicate their presence and willingness to assist you on your spiritual journey.


In conclusion, communicating with angels involves being aware of signs and sensations. Expanding your perception can help you notice angelic messages through emotions, sounds, and visions.

Trusting their guidance and practicing gratitude may strengthen your connection with these celestial beings. By paying attention to the subtle ways they communicate, you can seek guidance from higher powers without relying on verbal communication alone.

Understanding these methods can open the door to seeking angelic assistance in times of need.


1. How can I start communicating with angels?

To start connecting with higher beings like angels, find a quiet place to focus, meditate, and ask for angelic assistance or guidance openly.

2. What are signs that angels are sending me messages?

Look for signs and signals from guardian angels such as unexpected feathers, flashes of light, or feelings of warmth and comfort.

3. Can anyone learn how to talk to spiritual guides?

Yes, everyone has the ability to seek help from spiritual guides; it involves being open and receptive to angelic presence in their lives.

4. How do I know if my guardian angel is near?

When seeking guidance from higher powers you may feel a sense of peace or see repeating number patterns which suggest your celestial messengers are close by.

5. Is there a special way to ask for help from angels?

Asking for angelic assistance simply requires speaking honestly with intent either out loud or silently while visualizing channeling angels around you.

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