Star Tarot Card Meaning

Star Tarot Card Meaning

Are you feeling lost or seeking guidance on your spiritual journey?

The Star Tarot Card, ranking as the 17th Major Arcana card in traditional decks, shines light in dark times.

Let’s begin a journey of discovery together.

The Star Tarot Card Description and Symbolism

The Star Tarot card shines with hope and brings a message of renewal and optimism. It pictures a serene woman pouring water onto land and into a small pond, under the vast, starry sky.

This scene captures the essence of emotional and physical healing. The stars above her light up the darkness, symbolizing guidance from the universe.

In this card, one large star surrounded by seven smaller ones stands out, representing our chakras — centers of spiritual power in human bodies. This connection highlights inner strength and balance.

Flowers bloom around her, adding to the atmosphere of tranquility and rebirth. Each element on The Star card speaks to feeling blessed and at peace with oneself, reminding us to stay open to blessings from above.

Meaning of The Star Tarot Card (Upright)

The Star Tarot card in the upright position represents hope, rejuvenation, and inspiration. It suggests a period of healing and renewed faith in oneself and the universe.

General Interpretation

The Star tarot card shines with hope and inspiration. It tells us to open our hearts and recognize the power within ourselves. This card suggests a time of harmony and renewal, guiding us towards a brighter future.

By embracing optimism, we can find direction and clarity in our lives.

This card also brings messages of healing and growth. It encourages us to have faith in ourselves and believe in the journey ahead. With its light, The Star helps us see beyond current challenges.

It supports finding our true path by reminding us of our inner strength and potential for success in various aspects of life.

Love & Relationships

In love tarot readings, the Star card shines brightly as a beacon of hope and healing in relationships. It encourages letting go of old wounds and fears to embrace a future filled with happiness and deeper connections.

This powerful card symbolizes entering a joyful new phase with your partner, where trust and understanding blossom.

If you find the Star card in your reading while thinking about love, it signals positivity, renewal, and exciting beginnings. It also hints at a cosmic connection with an Aquarius or someone who embodies the free spirit and innovative qualities of this zodiac sign.

Hope lights the way for creating a promising future together, making now an excellent time for opening up to love’s infinite possibilities.

Money & Career

The Star tarot card in the upright position signifies advancements in career and finances, indicating a time of triumph and growth. It suggests that positive turn of events are on the horizon, bringing about a chance for success in one’s career.

When reversed, the Star tarot card can indicate temporary setbacks in matters of money and career, requiring inner reflection and reassessment.

Health & Spirituality

The Star Tarot Card represents a period of spiritual connection, promoting healing and positivity in health and spirituality. It symbolizes inner strength and faith, bringing hope and inspiration for overall well-being.

Embracing the energy of The Star Tarot Card could support a sense of calm, renewal, and serenity within oneself, contributing to spiritual growth and transcendence.

In terms of spirituality, this card signifies being in tune with the universe and feeling at peace. It encourages individuals to embrace renewed hope while aligning with immense blessings from the universe.

Meaning of The Star Tarot Card (Reversed)

When The Star tarot card is reversed, it signifies a loss of faith and hope in the Universe. It may stem from challenging past experiences that have led to feelings of despair and hopelessness.

This reversal encourages reflection on essential aspects of life, often leading to a sense of being stuck in a streak of bad luck. In the realm of work, it can bring about a lack of creativity and enthusiasm, impacting productivity.

This negativity associated with the reversed Star can seep into various areas, affecting one’s outlook on life. Feelings of despair and negativity are emphasized as factors that need consideration when this card appears reversed, serving as a reminder to confront these emotions and seek ways to overcome them.


The Star Tarot Card represents inner light and qualities like creativity and kindness. It symbolizes a strong spiritual connection and potential for healing. When upright, it brings hope, faith, and positivity in love, career, health, and spirituality.

However, when reversed, it may indicate fear and pessimism amplifying existing issues. The number 17 signifies creativity and spiritual connection with the potential for personal growth and fulfillment.

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