Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Finding inner strength during tough times can be a challenge for many. The Strength Tarot card, part of the major arcana, symbolizes more than just physical power; it’s about emotional and spiritual resilience.

This blog post will dive into its meanings, symbolism, and how it can guide you through life’s ups and downs.

Understanding the Strength Tarot Card

The Strength Tarot Card holds significant historical origins and carries the numerical significance of XI or VIII. It offers a deep symbolism connecting it to the Major Arcana and powerful imagery that conveys its inner meaning.

Origin and History

Tarot cards have a rich history, dating back to the early days of their use. Among these ancient cards, the Strength tarot card stands out as the ninth major arcana card. This special card captures the essence of inner strength and self-control.

It shows how people have always believed in the power to overcome challenges.

Originally, this symbol of overcoming difficulties through courage and patience was depicted differently across various tarot decks. In the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, it focuses on taming something wild.

This imagery highlights human spirit’s incredible capacity to control primal instincts with compassion and forgiveness. It reminds us that mastering emotions has been an important concept throughout tarot history.

Numerical Significance: XI or VIII

The Strength tarot card holds the number XI or VIII, depending on which deck you use. This numbering difference points to its unique place in the sequence of the Major Arcana cards.

Originally, the Justice card took the eighth spot while Strength was positioned as the eleventh card. This placement has varied over time due to shifts in understanding and interpretations of these symbols.

Number eight links to ideas of abundance, expansion, stability, and building a strong foundation. It suggests that mastering one’s inner strength leads to growth and securing one’s goals.

The number eleven introduces complexity and challenges associated with balancing raw emotions and self-control. These numbers reflect different aspects of handling feelings like anger, bravery, shame, jealousy, self-confidence through discernment and empathy found within divination practices such as tarot reading.

The Symbolism of the Strength Tarot Card

The Strength Tarot Card’s symbolism is deeply connected to the Major Arcana, embodying courage and inner strength. Its imagery of a woman taming a lion represents the mastery of raw emotions, revealing the card’s powerful message.

The Major Arcana Connection

Strength is the ninth Major Arcana card in a tarot deck. It stands for being strong and shows us how to find our inner power. This card groups with Temperance and Justice, showing important life virtues.

They guide us in handling life’s ups and downs.

These Major Arcana cards help people on their journeys toward self-control and equanimity. They teach us to face challenges with calmness and strength. Each card, including Strength, acts as a milestone of personal growth and understanding our place in the world.

The Card Imagery and Its Significance

The imagery of the Strength tarot card depicts a woman calmly taming a lion, symbolizing inner strength and courage. The woman’s white dress signifies purity and spiritual growth, while the lemniscate above her head represents infinite potential and harmony.

These symbols come together to convey a message of resilience, compassion, and emotional fortitude.

In tarot readings, the symbolism of this card encourages individuals to draw upon their inner strength when facing challenges or adversity. The card’s significance lies in the reminder that true strength comes from mastering emotions and exercising patience rather than relying solely on physical force or aggression.

The Meaning of the Strength Tarot Card

The Strength Tarot card represents inner fortitude and emotional mastery. It signifies overcoming challenges with patience and conquering raw emotions.

Inner Strength and Mastering Emotions

The Strength Tarot card symbolizes the power to harness and control raw emotions, allowing for a sense of calmness and composure. It emphasizes the importance of finding inner strength to navigate through challenging situations, rather than solely relying on external factors for change.

Taming instinctual reactions and channeling emotions constructively is at the core of this card’s message, promoting self-control and resilience in facing life’s adversities.

Dealing with challenges and mastering emotions are central themes encapsulated by the Strength Tarot card. Its representation urges individuals to cultivate patience and exercise restraint when confronted with difficult circumstances or intense feelings.

Dealing with Challenges and Adversities

Dealing with challenges and adversities is a fundamental aspect of the Strength Tarot Card. It signifies inner strength, resilience, and the ability to confront obstacles with courage.

The card emphasizes the importance of mastering emotions, cultivating patience, and taming raw feelings to overcome adversity. When facing difficulties in love or career, this card encourages harnessing one’s inner power to navigate through tough times.

The Strength Tarot Card serves as a reminder of the capacity for self-empowerment and optimism even in the face of daunting challenges. It symbolizes an individual’s ability to bounce back from emotional distress and exhibit determination when encountering adversities in relationships or professional endeavors.

The Role of Patience and Taming Raw Emotions

Patience plays a crucial role in taming raw emotions when interpreting the Strength Tarot card. The card emphasizes the need to exercise self-control and navigate through challenging situations with composure.

It reminds individuals to embrace patience and surrender, encouraging them to master their emotions rather than being governed by impulsive reactions.

The Strength Tarot Card in Different Readings

Explore how the Strength Tarot Card influences love and relationship readings, along with its impact on career and financial readings. Understand the unique insights this card offers in diverse situations.

Love and Relationship Readings

The Strength tarot card often appears in love readings when there are relationship troubles, whether with family, friends, or lovers. If the Strength card is reversed in a love reading, it can indicate a toxic relationship with subtle toxicity rather than openly hostile behavior.

On the other hand, the appearance of the Strength card in a love reading may symbolize using inner strength to overcome difficulties in love life or other relationships. It suggests a passionate and fiery connection, representing qualities such as compassion, influence, persuasion, and determination – symbolized by a woman gently stroking a lion.

In love and relationship readings, the Strength tarot card embodies the use of inner power to overcome challenges not only in romantic relationships but also within all types of connections.

Career and Financial Readings

In career and financial readings, the Strength tarot card signifies inner fortitude leading to professional success and resilience in monetary matters. It signals that leveraging personal power and emotional intelligence is essential for overcoming workplace challenges and achieving financial stability.

When appearing upright, this card emphasizes courage, determination, and persistence as crucial assets within the realm of career growth and financial pursuits. It denotes the ability to navigate through obstacles with confidence and maintain composure during turbulent times.

The Strength tarot card holds a pivotal role in career or financial readings by highlighting the importance of self-control, perseverance, and mastering emotions when pursuing professional goals or managing finances.


The Strength Tarot card embodies inner strength and emotional mastery. It signifies courage, compassion, and influence when upright. Reversed, it can indicate self-doubt and weakness.

This card is used in love, career, financial readings, symbolizing resilience and fortitude in facing life’s challenges.

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