The Chariot Reversed Yes or No Meaning in Tarot

The Chariot Reversed Yes or No Meaning in Tarot

Hey there! I’m going to tell you about a special card called The Chariot in tarot reading. This card is all about being strong, winning, and taking charge. When it’s upright, it often means yes to questions people ask.

But when this card is upside down, it’s called The Chariot reversed. It usually gives us the opposite answer – no, especially if you’re asking about work stuff.

The upside-down Chariot points out times when we might not feel very sure of ourselves or know which way to go. It can mean things are not moving ahead as they should. In love stuff though, this flipped-over card may actually bring good news.

This big-deal card belongs to a group named the major arcana in tarot cards — that’s like being one of the star players in the game of life’s big moments and choices.

Sometimes life feels like we’re just spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere; that’s what The Chariot reversed can symbolize. Whether you need advice on any topic or specific question, understanding how this trickster works can be super helpful!

Keep up with me as we zoom into what The Chariot reversed could mean for your yes or no answers!

Understanding The Chariot Tarot Card

When the Chariot tarot card appears in a reading, it symbolizes determination, self-control, and willpower. The card often represents a strong energy and the ability to overcome obstacles with focus and drive.


The Chariot reversed in tarot can be a bit tricky to understand. Keywords help me get a clear picture of what this card means.

  • Reversed Position: When I see The Chariot upside-down, it suggests things are not going as planned.
  • Lack of Direction: This card tells me someone might feel lost or unsure about where to go next.
  • Feeling Out of Control: It’s like the reins have slipped from someone’s hands and they can’t steer their life.
  • Strong Energy, but Negative: The Chariot still has power, but now it feels like it’s working against progress.
  • Warning Sign: It whispers to me that I need to pause and rethink my path before charging ahead.
  • Love Relationships: Even though love readings usually get a yes from The Chariot, reversed could hint at trouble.
  • Need to Rein In: I’m reminded to pull back and regain control before moving forward again.
  • Yes or No Tarot Readings: A straightforward answer isn’t easy with this card; context is key.
  • Lack of Confidence: Someone might doubt themselves or their ability to succeed when this card shows up.
  • Negative Outcome: It often points towards a no, especially regarding action-oriented queries.


The Chariot card in tarot symbolizes victory, willpower, and determination. It depicts a warrior riding a chariot pulled by two sphinxes, representing the balance between opposing forces.

The card signifies taking control, staying focused on the goal, and overcoming obstacles to achieve success. When upright, it represents confidence and forward movement.

In contrast, when reversed in a tarot reading, the Chariot indicates a lack of direction or sense of being off course. It suggests feelings of doubt or wavering confidence and can imply difficulties maintaining control over circumstances.


The Chariot reversed generally signifies a negative outcome or a lack of progress, particularly in career-related questions. It symbolizes a lack of confidence and direction, leading to feelings of powerlessness and an inability to move forward.

In love readings, the Chariot often indicates a positive outlook for the relationship, but in general advice or specific questions, its reversal suggests indecision and a no answer.

As an indicator of success and determination when upright, the reversed Chariot points towards feeling stuck or being unable to control one’s own fate. This usually leads to interpreting it as a no answer in yes or no tarot readings based on career-related inquiries.

Reversed Meaning

In reversed tarot readings, the Chariot often signifies a lack of confidence and control, leading to a negative interpretation. When reversed, it indicates feelings of powerlessness and being stuck in one’s current situation.

This card suggests a no answer for yes or no questions, particularly in career-related inquiries. Overall, the Chariot reversed represents a lack of direction and progress, indicating a negative outcome or an inability to move forward.

– Using The Chariot Reversed as Yes or No

The Chariot and Decision Making

When it comes to making decisions, The Chariot tarot card can provide valuable insight and guidance. To learn more about how this card influences decision-making, keep reading.

Using The Chariot to make decisions

I use The Chariot to guide my decisions. Its upright position signifies success, determination, and being in control. When facing career choices, I heed its encouragement to work hard using inner strength.

In love readings, the upright Chariot symbolizes positivity for relationships.

Reversed, The Chariot warns of indecision and lack of progress. It represents a no answer in career-related questions due to a lack of confidence and direction. When this card appears reversed, it indicates powerlessness and feeling stuck or unable to move forward leading to negative interpretations in tarot readings.

Reversed Chariot as a sign of indecision

Facing the reversed Chariot in a tarot reading often points to uncertainty and doubt, especially when it comes to making important decisions. This signifies a lack of confidence and direction, causing difficulties in moving forward with clarity.

The reversed Chariot suggests feeling stuck or unable to progress, indicating indecision and a need for reassessment before taking action.

Interpreting The Chariot Reversed as Yes or No

When interpreting The Chariot reversed as a yes or no in tarot readings, the meaning can vary depending on the context of the question asked. To understand more about how The Chariot reversed can impact your decision-making and the outcome of your inquiries, keep reading!

Yes or No for love

In love tarot readings, the reversed Chariot often signifies a no answer. It represents a lack of direction and control, indicating challenges within the relationship. The card suggests feelings of powerlessness and stagnation, leading to a negative interpretation for love-related questions.

When it comes to matters of the heart, the Chariot in reverse typically leans toward a no. This is due to its symbolism of feeling stuck and unable to progress, which may impact romantic relationships negatively.

Yes or No for general advice

For general advice, the reversed Chariot in tarot readings generally indicates a no answer. It signifies a lack of confidence and direction, leading to a negative outcome or a lack of progress.

This card suggests feelings of powerlessness and an inability to master one’s own fate, symbolizing a sense of being unable to move forward. The Chariot reversed emphasizes the importance of regaining control and finding inner strength to overcome obstacles.

Yes or No for specific questions

The Chariot reversed generally indicates a “no” for specific career or decision-making questions. In love and relationship matters, the Chariot reversed can often signify a “no” answer as well.

It represents a lack of control and direction, leading to negative outcomes in yes or no tarot readings.

When it comes to general advice, the Chariot reversed tends to lean towards a “no.” However, for specific questions related to personal goals or determination, the Chariot reversed is also likely pointing towards a negative outcome.


In conclusion, the reversed Chariot in yes or no tarot readings often signifies a lack of confidence and control, leading to negative outcomes. It can indicate indecision and feeling stuck, particularly in career-related questions.

However, when it comes to love and relationships, the Chariot reversed may still offer a positive response despite its overall challenging symbolism. Understanding the nuances of this card’s meaning can provide valuable insights into decision-making processes and navigating life’s challenges with resilience.

Overall, interpreting the reversed Chariot in tarot readings requires careful consideration of its potential impact on different aspects of one’s life.

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