What is Cho Ku Rei Power Symbol in Reiki?


Cho Ku Rei is pronounced as “Cho-Koo-Ray” and translates to “place the power of the universe here.” It is a powerful symbol used in Reiki practice for protection, amplification of energy, and healing.

Pronunciation and spelling

Say “Cho Ku Rei” like “choh-koo-ray.” These sounds match the powerful symbol’s form. Write it with three parts, each one important for its energy and meaning. The spelling comes from Japanese characters that spell out this spiritual key.

When using it, saying and writing Cho Ku Rei correctly matters a lot. It helps focus the Reiki energy in healing sessions. Each part of the name connects to different layers of power and protection within this special sign.

Spelling is crucial for working with Cho Ku Rei. Draw these symbols right, and they’ll work as your light switch for Reiki power. They direct universal energy through you or into spaces, objects or others for healing and strength.

Use Cho Ku Rei’s correct letters to tap into a stronger flow of helpful force during your practice.

Translation and interpretation

The Cho Ku Rei symbol in Reiki, pronounced as “Cho-Koo-Ray,” holds significant importance. It translates to “Place the power of the universe here” or “God is here.” This translation reflects its function of drawing and focusing universal energy during Reiki practice.

The interpretation emphasizes directing this energy with purpose, strength, and action, making it a vital element in channeling and amplifying healing energy.

When drawn or projected, the Cho Ku Rei symbol serves as a powerful tool for concentrating Reiki’s healing power onto specific points. Its translation and interpretation embody its role in guiding universal energy toward targeted areas for protection, manifestation, clearing negativity, and enhancing vitality.

How to Use Cho Ku Rei in Reiki Practice

To use Cho Ku Rei in Reiki practice, practitioners can draw and activate the symbol to protect and amplify energy, as well as utilize it for reversing and mirroring techniques. Additionally, it can be used in different chakras to support overall healing and balance.

Drawing and activating the symbol

To activate Cho Ku Rei, pronounce it as “Cho-koo-ray” and write the symbol in the air with intention. Then, visualize it expanding and filling the space with energy.

  1. It is used by Reiki practitioners to direct energy towards a specific area or purpose, such as protection or healing.
  2. Draw the symbol on your palms before initiating a Reiki session to prepare them for channeling energy.
  3. Visualize the symbol in your mind’s eye to focus and amplify the flow of energy during a healing session.
  4. Create a protective space by drawing Cho Ku Rei on the walls or entrance of a room to fill it with positive energy.
  5. Charge food and water with Reiki energy by drawing the symbol over them, infusing them with healing properties.

Protection and amplification of energy

Cho Ku Rei symbol can be used to protect and amplify energy during Reiki practice. When drawn, it brings a powerful stream of universal energy to the intended space or individual, providing strength, power, and purposeful direction.

By visualizing or drawing this symbol in the air, on objects, or even while intending its energy to flow, one can effectively create a protective shield and enhance the flow of Reiki energy.

The Cho Ku Rei symbol is also utilized for clearing negative energies from spaces and channels extra vitality into various chakras when placed on them.

This “power symbol” serves as a vital tool in safeguarding the energies involved in healing sessions and promoting an amplified flow of positive universal energy throughout different aspects of life.

Reversing and mirroring techniques

Reversing and mirroring techniques are common in Reiki practice.

  • Cho Ku Rei can be used to reverse negative energy flow, balancing and harmonizing it with positive energy.
  • It can mirror the energy around a person or space, reflecting it back in a purified state.
  • This technique is useful for clearing blockages and removing any harmful influences.
  • By drawing the symbol, one can effectively redirect and neutralize detrimental energies.

Using it in different chakras

  • Cho Ku Rei can be used to balance and energize the root chakra, promoting stability and security.
  • When applied to the sacral chakra, it enhances creativity and emotional expression.
  • In the solar plexus chakra, it helps boost self – confidence and personal power.
  • Applying Cho Ku Rei to the heart chakra supports love, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • It aids in clearing and aligning the throat chakra for improved communication and expression of truth.
  • When used on the third eye chakra, it enhances intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Finally, applying Cho Ku Rei to the crown chakra facilitates spiritual connection and higher consciousness.

The Power of Cho Ku Rei in Healing and Manifestation

Using Cho Ku Rei in Reiki practice can bring balance and harmony, boost energy and vitality, remove blockages and negative influences, and even be used for manifestation and abundance.

Learn more about how this powerful symbol can enhance your healing journey.

Bringing balance and harmony

Cho Ku Rei symbol in Reiki facilitates balance and harmony by directing powerful universal energy to the intended target, aiding in removing blockages and negative influences. This symbol is instrumental in boosting energy, vitality, and integration within the body’s energy centers.

It supports spiritual healing and can be employed for manifestation purposes using its directed energy with purpose.

The Cho Ku Rei symbol plays a pivotal role in bringing about balance and harmony by concentrating Reiki’s healing power where it is projected or drawn. Its strength lies in its ability to remove obstacles, cleanse spaces and substances, as well as enhance gratitude with focused intention.

Boosting energy and vitality

The Cho Ku Rei power symbol in Reiki plays a significant role in enhancing energy and vitality during healing sessions. When drawn or visualized, the symbol brings forth a powerful stream of universal energy to the targeted area, infusing it with heightened vitality and strength.

This infusion helps in amplifying the flow of energy channels, rejuvenating and invigorating both the physical and spiritual aspects. Practitioners often utilize this symbol to boost the body’s natural energy levels, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

Moreover, individuals can harness Cho Ku Rei’s power for reversing negative influences while manifesting abundance through an amplified state of energized vitality. Its ability to channel additional universal life force energy effectively aids in removing blockages within one’s energy field resulting in improved vigor and wellness across all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Removing blockages and negative influences

To remove blockages and negative influences, harness the power of Cho Ku Rei by visualizing or drawing the symbol over the affected area. This assists in clearing stagnant energy and promoting a flow of positive universal energy to dispel negativity.

Furthermore, combining Cho Ku Rei with other Reiki symbols can enhance its effectiveness in removing obstacles and promoting overall well-being, enabling individuals to experience balance and harmony.

By focusing on the intention to clear blockages while using Cho Ku Rei, practitioners can amplify their efforts towards achieving mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual growth.

Using it for manifestation and abundance

Cho Ku Rei can be utilized to manifest abundance and channel positivity. By drawing the symbol, individuals can direct Reiki energy towards their goals and intentions, enhancing their manifestation power.

The symbol’s ability to clear negative energy and amplify positive intentions makes it a valuable tool for attracting abundance and prosperity into one’s life.

Moreover, Cho Ku Rei aids in removing blockages that hinder the flow of energy, enabling individuals to tap into their full potential for manifesting their desires. Its power symbolizes strength and purpose, reinforcing the manifestation process by creating a harmonious environment conducive to attracting abundance.

Other Uses and Benefits of Cho Ku Rei

– Cleansing food and water to remove any negative energy or impurities

– Protecting spaces from harmful energies and creating a positive environment for healing and relaxation

Cleansing food and water

To cleanse food and water, draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol over them while intending Reiki energy to flow into them. This process charges the food and water with positive energy, clearing any negative influences.

The symbol can also help in manifesting goals and intentions related to consuming or utilizing the cleansed items, tapping into its power for support and positivity.

By visualizing or drawing the symbol over food and drinks, you charge them with energetic benefits that contribute to overall well-being. This simple practice adds a layer of purification to what is consumed or used daily, creating a harmonious connection between mind, body, spirit, and nourishment.

Protecting spaces

Cho Ku Rei symbol is powerful for protecting spaces. Drawing it on the walls creates a shield of positive energy, making the area a safe and calm environment. This symbol can clear negative energy from rooms and help maintain a balanced atmosphere, promoting overall well-being.

In addition to clearing negative energy, Cho Ku Rei can be used to charge food and water with Reiki energy in order to promote health and positivity. When combined with other Reiki symbols, it becomes an essential tool for creating harmonious and protected spaces.

Supporting career and gratitude

Cho Ku Rei can also be utilized to support career advancement and express gratitude. By drawing the symbol during Reiki practice, individuals can channel energy to enhance their professional journey, whether it’s for job interviews, business meetings, or career development.

Furthermore, directing Cho Ku Rei towards expressing gratitude can amplify feelings of appreciation and abundance, fostering a positive mindset and attracting more fulfilling opportunities.

Discover how Cho Ku Rei power symbol in Reiki is harnessed for supporting career aspirations and cultivating gratitude by infusing energy into these aspects of life.

Combining it with other Reiki symbols

Cho Ku Rei can be combined with other Reiki symbols to enhance its power. When used in conjunction with Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, it amplifies their healing effects. When combined with the emotional symbol, it helps clear negative emotions and brings balance to the chakras.

Using Cho Ku Rei alongside Dai Ko Myo strengthens the flow of energy for deep healing. The combination of these symbols allows practitioners to create a comprehensive and targeted approach for various aspects of healing and manifestation.

When using Cho Ku Rei along with other symbols, such as Raku or Zonar, it strengthens protective energies around individuals and spaces. This combination acts as a shield against negative influences while promoting positivity and well-being.

Exploring the deeper meaning of the symbol

The deeper meaning of the Cho Ku Rei symbol lies in its ability to harness universal energy and direct it with focused intention. This Japanese healing symbol represents strength, action, and purpose, serving as a conduit for channeling Reiki energy towards specific targets.

Its versatile nature allows for applications beyond just healing, enabling the cleansing of spaces and even charging food and water with Reiki energy. When combined with other symbols or utilized in different chakras, Cho Ku Rei becomes an essential tool in manifesting intentions and promoting balance.

This power symbol acts as a light switch for universal energy flow during Reiki practice, providing a potent stream of extra energy to the intended area when drawn or projected. With its protective properties and ability to clear negative influences, Cho Ku Rei serves as a valuable element for practitioners seeking not only healing but also prosperity and vitality.


Cho Ku Rei is the symbol of power in Reiki. It focuses and amplifies energy, aiding in healing and manifestation. Its versatility allows for various applications, making it an essential part of Reiki practice.

This symbol’s ability to cleanse and protect makes it a valuable tool for those seeking balance and spiritual growth. Ultimately, Cho Ku Rei serves as a powerful conduit for channeling and directing universal energy.

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